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    Every time I make an imaginary friend real and give him/her a white doll skin instead of leaving the brown they usually...
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    This is, of course, a sensitive issue so I will only say this. I am dark of skin, hair and eye and I often notice what a...
  5. skasumi said: Been wondering the same thing myself. I don’t understand people… ever.
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    I think you’re all right. The thing with me, personally, is that I simply don’t think of making darker or more pale...
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    Really though. I honestly don’t think it’s a reflection on preference of race but just…preference of Sims. Some people...
  8. aristocraft said: i don’t think it’s so much a justification as it is proving an anon wrong. which, of course, is futile in and of itself, but simblr in general is seems to be inherently very defensive.
  9. kimfamilylegacy said: This complaint comes up every now and then, and I just think about how most people I follow play some ethnicity other than “white”. It kind of seems like the complaint is that there aren’t many “black” sims, maybe?
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